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Aussie Night

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Had my Aussie party last night. In the couple of days leading up I was wondering what had possessed me to suggest this party. Apart from it being the most expensive party I have ever thrown, I was afraid it was going to be a failure... and I was stressed out from going shopping and searching for beef sausages (which I couldn't find) and beetroot that wasn't pickled!

But I was worrying for nothing as it actually turned out to be a great success. And my pavlova even worked! It was a hit in fact!


Craig, a fellow Adelaidian, who worked as a chef for 8 years, came in handy with his ingenuity and makeshift bbq cooking skills for the (pork) sausages and meat patties, on a baking tray on the stove top with two forks as tongs. He was great - did all the cooking for me! Thankyou Craig!!


I think about 20 people came in total, which was a challenge to fit into a five person kitchen, but we did it! (This photo shows most of the people, but it was taken later in the night when a couple of people had had to go already)
Rougly L to R: Craig (red shirt), me, Gen (green shirt) (the three adelaide people), Rodrigo (spain), and Olive (england) hiding behind him, Sophie (england) behind them, forgotten the name of the blonde haired guy (I just met him that night), Maisie, (the red haired girl in front of him) the American me, Mat (england) next to her, Felicity (england) behind them, Blandine (france - black top), Lydia (france - red top), Bjorn behind her, Mat (france - blue shirt), Tom poking his head up behind them (Chinese but has lived in England for many years), Laurence (france - pink top), and in the front another guy I just met and have forgotten his name too, sorry!

I put up the list of Aussie Facts I posted on here earlier on the wall, as well as a few pages of aussie terms and phrases translated
Beat around the bush: to not get to the point
Buckley's chance: no chance at all
Happy Little Vegemite: a happy and contented person (from the old advertising slogan)
Mate's rates: cheaper than usual for a "friend"
She’ll be Right: it'll be all right
Shonky: dubious, underhanded
Stubby holder : polystyrene insulated holder for a stubby
Zebra crossing : broad striped white paint lines across a road as a pedestrian crossing

re: the zebra crossing - we (Gen and I) almost had a couple of people convinced that there were zebras in Australia. This started from the zebra crossing thing and also telling them that there are in fact camels in Australia. They didn't believe that at first either, but then came to see it was plausible, but that didn't quite stretch to zebras. :)

I also put up a blank map of Australia that just had the state borders drawn in and dots where the capital cities are, then made labels of the states and cities, sticking them on with blue tack. So I gave them a little australian geography test. Hmm, some people went alright, but many couldn't get past the ones you can work out by logic (ie Western Australia is probably that big part that is the entire west of australia). But with a collaborative effort they got there in the end. (But to be fair, if they gave me a geography test of England or France I probably wouldn't be much better!)


The pavlova was a favourite and now everyone wants the recipe. Too bad I made it from a packet and don't know the recipe. (I wasn't game to make it from scratch on my first ever attempt at making pavlova.) So if anyone has a good pavlova recipe, please send it to me so I can pass it on.

My "Welcome to Australia" sign on the flat door - I asked them to show there passports :p

Gen, me and Craig - the Adelaidians

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Looking verrry relaxed there in that photo Jess (the group one earlier) - good to see. I thought you seemed a bit stressed and preoccupied last time we spoke! Glad it went so well!

by bevmaxwell

Great stuff Jess! I have never attempted a "pav", so I am in awe! You do realise that from now on, every party you go to, you will be expected to bring a pavlova!!

by sueappleto

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