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We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a quick update...

Sorry to upset the chronological order of things, but as its obviously going to take me a little while to get through my Europe trip I think I’ll just post an update of my last few weeks in Leeds while its still all fresh in my mind.

I got back into Leeds around the 4th of January, and although it was sad to be saying goodbye to all my new friends from Contiki, I was exhausted and ready to be going home. The thought of my own bed and no bus to catch ridiculously early in the morning was heaven.

I didn’t manage to get a lot of rest though. This is mostly thanks to James (there you go, 3rd mention) and the other boys in flat 1.1 who I went out with the night I got back to Leeds. They should feel privileged that I’d barely been home a few hours and I was already around visiting them.

And then caught up with more people who had also just arrived back in Leeds after going home for Christmas over the rest of the weekend.

Then over the next three weeks I spent most of my time with the boys in the flat downstairs, and James and Don fast became my favourite people in Leeds.
It was really a short but sweet time as Don (who is from the US) and I were both leaving within a few days of each other.

Don’s flatmates got a goodbye t-shirt made for him, and although I didn’t contribute to this I did go with James on a trek around an Industrial Park to find the shop to pick them up from, so was granted the honour of standing in for an absent flatmate to present the t-shirts to a teary eyed Don.

On the Saturday night before I left I had a goodbye party, which consisted of an overpacked kitchen, pizza then Halo – a nightclub inside an old church in Leeds where I had a booked a private VIP area for the night. It was a great night, and I bawled my eyes out saying goodbye to everyone at the end of the night :(

Then I was packing Sunday and Monday. Had dinner with Bjorn sunday night, and then with James at the Hard Rock Cafe on Monday night, my last night.

Packing on Sunday and Monday... I wanted to take EVERYTHING....

At the bus station just before I left – just before I cried...

Then it was hours and hours of travelling. I didn't even bother trying to count it this time or work out when I should be sleeping and eating and waking on Adelaide time like I did on the way over. I just slept whenever I could, which wasn't often. The transfer in Amsterdam airport to my Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur flight was fine. I pretty much just walked off one plane, to the next gate, sat for a bit then got on the next plane. But then I got to Kuala Lumpur and realised I had a 5 hour wait, and no malaysian currency to buy food. They wouldn't take a card so I had to pay with a British 20 pound note - this meant about 120 ringgit in change. Then I found a bench, set my alarm on my phone and slept for 2 hours. It was the best sleep I had gotten in about 20 hours. Then back on the plane to Adelaide, through customs and back to Charles St.

It was weird coming home - the weirdest part, stragely enough, was walking into the flat and finding it looking exactly like I'd left it. For some reason coming back to everything being the same as when I left made it harder to come back, not easier.

I've been feeling a bit homesick since I got back, readjusting to life here, and dealing with leaving behind what had become my home over in England. While I'm glad to be back and seeing everyone here, I made some really good friends there and I miss them a lot. And though everything is familiar here, I do feel a little foreign in my own country, whereas I had come to feel really at home in England. I'm sure I'll feel better when I've readjusted.

I think I'm getting over jet lag now - after days falling asleep between 3 -6pm and waking up between 1-3am I finally slept in til 5am this morning! yay me! I don't mind waking up early though so I hope I don't go back to sleeping in late.

Anyway, coming up for me is a few weeks of holidays - not quite sure what I'm going to do! I've already done too much shopping, and my bank account won't hold up to much more. Big Day Out this Friday.

Not long til uni starts again though, and I'm really looking forward to it because its all teaching this year.

And I'm hoping to be able to afford to go back and visit people in England for about 5 weeks in their summer, June/July, finances permitting.

Thats all for now.

  • We now return you to normal programming.... (more Europe to come soon...) xx

Posted by Jessie M 20:08

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SO sorry I haven't gotten around to welcoming you back Jester!! Welcome back! I don't suppose you'd like a trip of the Aussie variety and come with me up to Berri for G'pa's 80th?? you or Poppet or both? World traveller that you are!

M xx

by mbonnar

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